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Ephemerides (in Latin, "daily memorial") is a chronological succession of dates and their respective events.

Check below the historical ephemerides we have registered. Periodically we will publish new facts.

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January 27th

1668 - Gregório de Matos is responsible for representing Bahia in the courts of Lisbon.
1756 - Born in Salzburg, Austria, the musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
1763 - With Brazil's economic development, Portugal creates a new administrative system for its colony, elevating the nation to Vice Reign.
- The Capital of Brazil Cologne is transferred from Salvador to Rio de Janeiro.
1794 - General Aristizábal's Spanish fleet takes from the French the Fort Delfim Square on the island of Santo Domingo.
1785 - Born F.W. Joseph Schilling, German philosopher.
1820 “The day the British navy captain Edward Bransfield reportedly spotted Antarctica.
1865 - Beginning of the Paraguayan War.
1871 - Roman Question: The Italian Senate voted the transfer of the capital from Florence to Rome with 94 votes in favor and 39 against.
1880 - Thomas Edison patents the electric lamp under number 223898.
1888 - The National Geographic Society is founded in the United States to increase and disseminate geographic knowledge.
1890 - Official recognition of the Brazilian Republic by Mexico.
1892 - Lisbon Naval Club Foundation.
1903 - Proclaimed the Third Republic of Acre, now with the support of President Rodrigues Alves and his Foreign Minister, Baron of Rio Branco, who ordered the occupation of Acre and established a military government under the command of General Olímpio da Silveira.
1906 - Treaty between England and France establishing the division of the New Hebrides archipelago.
1915 - World War I: First massive air bombing ever recorded by French planes against German explosives factories.
1923 - First Congress of the German National Socialist Party in Munich.
1934 - Born Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Director General of UNESCO.
1934 - Pact in which Germany and Poland mutually oblige to renounce every act of aggression for 10 years.
1938 - Franco, with the help of the Italian army conquers Barcelona.
1943 - World War II: Systematic Allied air bombing against the Reich begins.
1945 - Soviet troops release Nazi concentration camps Auschwitz and Birkenau in Poland. 1.5 million people were exterminated in the camp, including over 1 million Jews.
1955 - The President of the Republic creates the Distinguishing Standard of the São Paulo Reserve Officers Preparation Center.
Published legal act promoting Candido Mariano da Silva Rondon to the post of Honorary Marshal.
1964 - France establishes diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China.
1967 - Astronauts Edward Higgins, Roger Bruce Chaffee and Virgil I. Grissom die as they burn down the spacecraft capsule Apollo.
- USSR, United States and Great Britain sign agreement in Moscow on peaceful use of space.
1973 - North Vietnam and the United States sign a treaty for the end of the Vietnam War in Paris.
1977 - The Vatican reaffirms the Catholic Church's prohibition against women becoming priests.
1978 - African politician and writer Leopold Sedar Senghor is re-elected president of Senegal.
The Universal Declaration of Animal Rights was proclaimed at the UNESCO assembly in Brussels.
1981 - US President Ronald Reagan welcomes 52 Americans who have been held hostage in Iran at the White House. They were released on the same day Reagan assumed the presidency.
1984 - While filming for a Pepsi-Cola commercial, singer Michael Jackson has an accident and his hair catches fire. Michael was hospitalized for several days and received messages of support from his fans around the world.
1987 - The Community of Europe and the United States reach an agreement that avoids trade war.
1985 - Coca-Cola announces that it will start selling its soft drinks in the Soviet Union. Pepsi-Cola had been in the Soviet market for 12 years.
1989 - The European Rocket Ariane, launched from the French base of Kuru, Guyana, successfully orbits the Intelsat V F-15 communications satellite, with TV and telephony services.
1992 - The trial begins which sentenced American boxer Mike Tyson to prison for the rape of Desireè Washington, Miss Black America.
1996 - Colonel Ibrahim Barre Mainassara defeats Nigeria's first president, Mahaman Usman, in a coup d'état that causes the death of five military personnel and the suspension of political parties.