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Bahia is the most populous state in the Northeast. It is located to the south of this region and borders eight states: Alagoas, Sergipe, Pernambuco and Piaui to the north, Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo to the south, Goiás and Tocantins to the west. To the east, it borders the Atlantic Ocean. Thus, Bahia is the state that borders most with other units of the federation.

It has an important petrochemical industry and has the longest coastline in Brazil, as well as the largest concentration of relative numbers of blacks and mulattos in Brazil. It has a great influence on African culture: the music, cuisine, religion and way of life of its population make a great contribution from African slaves.

In the economy, Bahia is the sixth Brazilian state in wealth, accounting for more than half of Northeast exports. The state's economy is based on industry (chemical, petrochemical, computer and automotive), agriculture (cassava, beans, cocoa and coconut), mining, tourism and services. In Camaçari, near Salvador, is an important petrochemical complex and an industrial complex of the Ford Motor Company.

Coat of arms
The sun rises on July 2… +
Total area
564,692 km²
14 812 617 hab


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