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Halcyon SP-518 - History

Halcyon SP-518 - History

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Halcyon I

A bird, identified with the kingfisher, fabled by the ancients to nest at sea about the time of the winter soloists and to calm the waves during incubation, hence, calm and peaceful.


The first Halcyon was built for the Bureau of Fisheries in 1916 by Marine Construction Co., Boothbay Harbor Maine. She was transferred to the Navy and commissioned 14 May 1917 at Boston.

Assigned to section patrol in the 1st Naval District, Halcyon performed harbor patrol duties until decommissioning 24 June 1919. She was subsequently struck from the Navy List 31 July 1919 and returned to the Bureau of Fisheries

یواس‌اس هالکیون (اس‌پی-۵۱۸)

یواس‌اس هالکیون (اس‌پی-۵۱۸) (به انگلیسی: USS Halcyon (SP-518) ) یک کشتی بود که طول آن 61' بود. این کشتی در سال ۱۹۱۶ ساخته شد.

یواس‌اس هالکیون (اس‌پی-۵۱۸)
تکمیل ساخت: ۱۹۱۶
به دست آورده شده: ۱۴ مه ۱۹۱۷
اعزام: ۱۴ مه ۱۹۱۷
مشخصات اصلی
گنجایش: 275 tons
درازا: 61'
پهنا: 12' 4"
آبخور: not known
سرعت: 11 knots

این یک مقالهٔ خرد کشتی یا قایق است. می‌توانید با گسترش آن به ویکی‌پدیا کمک کنید.

Halcyon Rehabilitation was founded as and remains a therapist-driven provider of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology for long-term care settings nationwide.

We started our organization with some of the best and brightest leaders in our industry. And we are pleased to say that these terrific professionals are still a part of our company today. When leaders came together to begin Halcyon Rehabilitation, they made it their mission to take the excellent clinical, organizational and business skills acquired during their careers with other major rehab companies and combine them to create Halcyon Rehab.

We all agreed that Halcyon Rehabilitation should also include something more, something other companies were missing—a strong culture.

Halcyon SP-518 - History

HALCYON AGRI CORPORATION LTD 5VJ.SI Share Price Chart Loading In Progress .

Trade Date Open Price Day High Day Low Closed Price Change % Volume Value Short Sell
2021-06-18 0.2500.250 0.245 0.245 -0.010 -3.9 410,600 102,378 25,300 -
2021-06-17 0.2550.255 0.255 0.255 - - 27,400 6,987 - -
2021-06-16 0.2550.255 0.250 0.255 0.005 2.0 714,200 178,952 51,000 -
2021-06-15 0.2550.255 0.250 0.250 -0.005 -2.0 498,900 127,034 50,100 -
2021-06-14 0.2550.260 0.250 0.255 - - 324,600 83,535 37,200 -
2021-06-11 0.2600.260 0.255 0.255 - - 952,000 243,420 53,600 -
2021-06-10 0.2600.260 0.255 0.255 -0.005 -1.9 219,700 57,102 3,000 -
2021-06-09 0.2600.275 0.260 0.260 -0.005 -1.9 5,377,900 1,442,315 9,600 -
2021-06-08 0.2550.265 0.255 0.265 0.010 3.9 1,860,100 483,980 600 -
2021-06-07 0.2600.265 0.255 0.255 - - 928,200 239,351 - -
2021-06-04 0.2600.260 0.250 0.255 -0.005 -1.9 133,900 34,332 2,900 -
2021-06-03 0.2600.260 0.250 0.260 0.005 2.0 1,289,800 324,527 200 -
2021-06-02 0.2600.260 0.250 0.255 - - 783,900 199,913 - -
2021-06-01 0.2550.260 0.255 0.255 - - 316,700 81,633 - -
2021-05-31 0.2650.265 0.255 0.255 - - 767,000 196,183 - -
2021-05-28 0.2600.265 0.255 0.255 -0.005 -1.9 214,600 55,934 - -
2021-05-27 0.2550.265 0.255 0.260 - - 540,100 140,334 40,100 -
2021-05-25 0.2650.265 0.255 0.260 - - 946,100 246,022 - -
2021-05-24 0.2650.265 0.255 0.260 - - 793,800 206,957 3,900 -
2021-05-21 0.2600.265 0.255 0.260 - - 622,100 161,899 11,300 -
2021-05-20 0.2700.270 0.260 0.260 -0.010 -3.7 1,149,200 302,213 43,600 -
2021-05-19 0.2800.280 0.265 0.270 -0.010 -3.6 713,400 194,170 4,200 -
2021-05-18 0.2850.290 0.275 0.280 0.010 3.7 3,735,600 1,059,613 12,900 -
2021-05-17 0.2650.270 0.265 0.270 0.005 1.9 62,000 16,587 4,500 -
2021-05-14 0.2700.275 0.250 0.265 -0.005 -1.9 1,712,900 448,306 2,000 -
2021-05-12 0.2700.275 0.265 0.270 0.005 1.9 805,300 215,458 9,300 -
2021-05-11 0.2750.275 0.265 0.265 -0.010 -3.6 192,400 51,699 7,700 -
2021-05-10 0.2700.275 0.270 0.275 0.005 1.9 305,200 82,444 2,800 -
2021-05-07 0.2700.280 0.265 0.270 - - 660,900 178,361 3,700 -
2021-05-06 0.2800.280 0.270 0.270 -0.005 -1.8 712,800 194,467 11,000 -
2021-05-05 0.2700.275 0.265 0.275 0.005 1.9 489,300 133,173 35,800 -
2021-05-04 0.2750.275 0.270 0.270 -0.005 -1.8 283,700 76,762 - -
2021-05-03 0.2750.280 0.275 0.275 - - 323,900 89,367 42,400 -
2021-04-30 0.2700.295 0.270 0.275 0.010 3.8 3,613,600 1,021,451 6,900 -
2021-04-29 0.2700.275 0.265 0.265 -0.005 -1.9 204,700 55,237 - -
2021-04-28 0.2650.270 0.265 0.270 0.005 1.9 124,900 33,707 13,400 -
2021-04-27 0.2700.270 0.265 0.265 -0.010 -3.6 720,000 191,497 - -
2021-04-26 0.2700.280 0.265 0.275 - - 1,217,000 329,373 6,200 -
2021-04-23 0.2700.285 0.270 0.275 - - 1,177,600 326,239 2,500 -
2021-04-22 0.2800.280 0.270 0.275 -0.005 -1.8 183,100 50,442 900 -
2021-04-21 0.2750.280 0.275 0.280 0.005 1.8 98,400 27,224 - -
2021-04-20 0.2750.280 0.270 0.275 0.005 1.9 131,800 36,267 36,700 -

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Wooden-hulled screw steamer, classified as a screw frigate, in the United States Navy. Named for Trenton, New Jersey. Wikipedia

Wooden-screw steamer in the United States Navy. Built at Brooklyn, New York, in 1859 chartered by the Navy in May 1861 for three months purchased by the Navy at New York on 12 September 1861 and commissioned at New York, Commander Oliver S. Glisson in command. Wikipedia

Fisheries science research ship operated by the United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries, commonly called the United States Fish Commission, from 1880 to 1903 and as USFS Fish Hawk by its successor, the United States Bureau of Fisheries, from 1903 1918 and from 1919 to 1926. The first large ship purpose-built by any country for the promotion of fisheries, and spent her 46-year career operating along the United States East Coast, in the Gulf of Mexico, and off Puerto Rico. Wikipedia

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Iron-hulled gunboat of the United States Navy. Screw steamer with full-rig auxiliary sail, built by John Roach & Sons in Chester, Pennsylvania from 1873–75 and commissioned at Philadelphia Navy Yard on 15 November 1875, with Commander George P. Ryan in command. Wikipedia

American fish culture and fisheries science research vessel that operated along the coast of New England. Part of the fleet of the United States Commission on Fish and Fisheries, generally referred to as the United States Fish Commission, from 1900 to 1903 and in the fleet of its successor, the United States Bureau of Fisheries, as USFS Phalarope from 1903 until 1917 and again from 1919 until fiscal year 1933. Wikipedia

Wooden screw-steamer in the Union Navy during the American Civil War. Named for the home of Thomas Jefferson. Wikipedia

A Brief History of Halcyon

I was coming off a series of exhilarating diving expeditions, including a successful round of cave expeditions in Turkey and a North American penetration record in Manatee Springs&hellip

We were also planning an aggressive range of global projects and discussing a spectrum of ideas in support of our global exploration plans. Considering this backdrop, it seemed clear we would need resources.

We needed an ongoing supply of well-trained, accomplished divers and access to a wide range of specialized dive equipment. I began considering the variety of ways we might fill these needs&hellip

By the summer of 1996, our deep cave explorations were pushing out to 10k feet/3k meters at depths near 300 feet/90m. These dives required numerous stage and safety cylinders and it was not difficult to see the unsustainable nature of our trajectory.

The setup divers were needing setup divers, who would soon need setup divers to ferry enough gas reserves through the cave. The previous need for more resources was now developing into the need for a paradigm shift.

Commercially available closed-circuit rebreather technology was very much in its infancy and our experience with these units seemed to introduce more problems than solutions. Around this time, I would meet Robert Carmichael who was looking to produce a mechanical, semi-closed, rebreather designed by Jack Kellon.

Robert&rsquos enthusiasm and hard-charging personality were a perfect complement to my global exploration aspirations and we forged a strong friendship and a set of ambitious goals that would soon take shape as Halcyon Manufacturing, or more commonly known as Halcyon Dive Systems today.

The founding principle at Halcyon was to enable all divers to get the most from their diving experience. We sought to accomplish this through the development of unique, quality equipment that was simple to use and enhanced individual performance.

We determined this would best be accomplished through a vertically-integrated company with design, prototype, and fabrication capacity in-house. This ability has served us well, allowing new designs to be conceived, developed, and dived in the same week or even the same day. A great many of Halcyon&rsquos novel designs have been widely copied or emulated by the industry. Halcyon&rsquos many equipment innovations and countless enhancements benefit from the vertically-integrated nature of the company. I remember the designs of our industry-first, donut-shaped, doubles buoyancy compensator, BC or &ldquowing.&rdquo I would make a design in the morning and dive it that night, making adjustments the following morning and trying again that night.

Being able to make our own bladders, sew our own cases, and even make our own dyes has brought many advances and benefits in our quest to build novel designs that support explorers and passionate divers around the world.

Perhaps the hardest part of having a factory at your disposal is not abusing the privilege. Over the years, the exploration demands vary, but in some of our most active years, Halcyon managers would joke (only half kidding) that it would take the whole factory to get us in the water. This was particularly true as the exploration distances exceeded 20k feet/6k meters.

The growing demands of twenty- and then thirty-hour dives placed a stress on all involved but also led to great developments shared through the Halcyon product ecosystem. For example, there were many reasons I began working to solve the quick adjustment problem on a conventional backplate. One obvious reason is that Halcyon had steadily begun producing ever-more recreational BCs. These sales eventually exceeded those of technical systems and recreational divers wanted a way to adjust sizing of a BC system quickly.

My idea for the Cinch, quick-adjust system began to take place one day while watching a diver try to get out of their rebreather system. In order to decompress more comfortably, our cave explorers would often remove their large backmount systems and switch to a simple harness. These large rigs could be hard to remove, especially with thick layers of undergarments below the drysuit.

Watching a dive buddy thrashing about left me to ponder the problem over the subsequent hours of decompression.

These experiences and a community need, as well as a factory at my disposal, led me to play with numerous designs before settling upon the current Cinch system.

After thoroughly testing these systems, I would use them on larger and larger expedition dives.

I dived them for over a year, during a series of world record dives out to 26,000 feet/7,900 meters. In this case, the Cinch was fitted to a large RB rack with double 18L tanks, a decompression RB80 with twin 6L tanks, and a decompression harness with side-slung bottles.

A great many Halcyon products derived from the needs of passionate divers and explorers, and these developments framed the company over the last twenty years.

From our earliest explorations in Wakulla Springs, and on the Britannic in Greece, to the ongoing series of dives in the frigid waters of the Baltic or the extensive cave systems of Mexico, Halcyon products are intimately woven into the history of many exploration adventures.

Despite a growing influence in the recreational world, Halcyon remains a company dedicated to unique products and novel exploration activity. As I look toward 2020 and beyond, I&rsquom pleased to see the growing range of projects being engaged by Halcyon divers around the world. It is with great joy that I remember the early years of development, and it is with equal pleasure that I imagine the years to come.


As we start to see the possible glimmer of a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, another summer is nearly upon us in all its halcyon glory.

Now, The Lyle Hotel and Lyle’s evoke the former halcyon days as the Hotel Carlyle.

In retrospect, 2009 and 2010 were halcyon days in the Middle East, now that we seem just one horseman short of an apocalypse.

The halcyon days of Wolf, the third-wave feminist revolutionary and author of The Beauty Myth (1990), seem far, far away.

Without a bribed official, a halcyon , or eagle, will watch the entry point with binoculars for patterns and opportunities.

The mixed-media collection evokes nostalgia for halcyon days through fragmented images of the past.

On the Impossible Past will transport you back to your halcyon , angsty teenage years.

Relatively, it touches those old times when religious houses, with their quaintly-trimmed orders, were in their halcyon days.

And yet subsequent generations have viewed with unconcern this halcyon period in the history of art.

This is the halcyon period of primers, introductions, handbooks, manuals.

Do you know the periods when the Mediterranean is troubled, and when the wintry halcyon days come?

Sleighing parties from Wheeling frequented this old tavern in the halcyon days of the road, and were handsomely entertained.

The World - Climate Change

The World – Climate Change(or The World – Rising Sea Level), first map of its kind on such a scale and level of complexity, depicts our planet as it would look without its polar ice caps, with sea levels 260 ft higher as they are today. This world map, inspired by a wide variety of historical maps, aims for bringing the best of traditional cartography to a contemporary setting, while reminding us about the dangers of global warming and subsequent climate change. This map is designed in our vintage-style “decorative” theme, and serves as a perfect decoration for any household, office or school.

The poster includes one full large detailed map of the world, 2 major maps showcasing northern and southern polar regions and 6 detailed minimaps: vulnerability to climate change, 2010 climate, 2010 summer temperatures, 2100 climate, 2100 summer temperatures and 2100 changes in moisture and precipitation. Information panels outside the main map show 2013 population by country 2100 population by country, countries with highest and lowest fertility rates, largest urban areas(highlighting those that are below sea level or in high enviromental risk)

Dramatically depicting the devastation caused by the 260 feet sea level rise, the map also shows present shorelines for better understanding and effect. The cities that would be submerged after the sea level rise, can be easily distinguished from the rest by a different label mark and color tinting.

According to recent studies, there is enough ice in Earth’s polar caps to cause about 250-300 ft(80 – 100 m) rise of the sea level. Result of such an event would be catastrophic to human civilization and earth’s biosphere. More than 75% of the world’s population lives below 300 ft above the sea level, including the vast majority of all large urban areas.

Although this scenario is extremely unlikely to happen within our lifetimes, the truth is, that climate is going to change sharply. Unless we limit our CO2 emissions to bare minimum, Earth will be more than 4 degrees warmer in the year 2100 as it is now. Such a rise in temperature would be destructive to environment and human civilization as well.

As the warming gradually progresses, we will experience more and more extreme weather events. Hurricanes, typhoons and massive floods will occur more frequently and on a much more devastating scale. World’s deserts will expand, engulfing areas as large as the entire continent of Australia, including Southern Europe, the Caribbean and the entire southeast of Africa.


Our businesses have a rich history, tracing our roots back to the 1930s with the founding of PT Hok Tong and PT Rubber Hock Lie in Indonesia, pioneer natural rubber producers in Southeast Asia. Today, Halcyon Agri’s workforce comprises 15,000+ dedicated employees located in over 50 locations.

  • Mr. Li Xue Tao appointed CEO for Halcyon Group following the retirement of founding partners Chief Executive Officer, Robert Meyer and Chief Corporate Officer, Pascal Demierre.
  • Alan L Grant, Centrotrade and Wurfbain Polymer distribution brands are merged to operate as Corrie MacColl.
  • PT. Aneka Bumi Pratama of Indonesia and Von Bundit Co., Ltd of Thailand announces adoption of HeveaPRO
  • ITOCHU Corporation completes investment into HeveaConnect
  • Announces redemption of US$150 million 4.5% Senior Perpetual Securities on 26 April 2019

Completes acquisition for RCMA Group’s Polymer assets including Alan L Grant, Wurfbain, Corrie MacColl, Kelvin Terminals and Momentum Technologies International.

  • Acquires Corrie MacColl Trading Limited and rename to Corrie MacColl Limited
  • Announces cash dividend of 2 SG cents
  • Completed acquisition of PT Pulau Bintan Djaya
  • Incorporates HeveaConnect, a digital marketplace for sustainably processed natural rubber
  • Wins ‘Most Transparent Company in Manufacturing’ by SIAS Investors’ Choice Awards
  • Launches Sustainable Natural Rubber Supply Chain Policy
  • Announces Sustainability Council for Cameroonian operations
  • Halcyon and DBS Bank announces HeveaConnect partnership

Acquisition of RCMA Group’s Polymer Division, PT Sumber Djantin , PT Sumber Alam, and PT Pulau Bintan Djaya

Sinochem International makes a cash offer for Halcyon Agri and becomes its parent company.

Halcyon Agri acquires 100% of GMG Global Ltd and acquires all the natural rubber processing and distribution business of Sinochem International.

RCMA buy out Corrie, MacColl & Son

Listing upgrade to the main Board of the Singapore Exchange. Acquisition of CentroTrade completed.

Halcyon Agri completes 5 acquisitions (assets of Chip Lam Seng (Hevea KBI and Hevea KB II), JFL Agro (Hevea Estates), PT. Golden Energi (Hevea GE), Anson Company (including PT. Hok Tong, PT. Remco, PT. Sunan Rubber and PT. Rubber Hock Lie) and New Continent Enterprises). Acquisition of Centrotrade announced. Equity fund raising and maiden bond issue completed.

Halcyon Agri completes its Initial Public Offering and is listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange. Three acquisitions announced and two equity fund raisings completed.

Halcyon Agri completes acquisition of Hevea MKI and Hevea MK II in February 2011.

RCMA acquires Alan L Grant

Halcyon Agri grants an option to acquire the Hevea MK I and Hevea MK II factories.

PT. Hok Tong II factory establishes in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Halcyon Agri acquires all the shares it did not already own in Hevea Global.

Halcyon Agri establishes in Singapore.

Hevea Global established in Singapore as a natural rubber purchasing agent.

Hevea KB II factory established in Chemor, Perak, Malaysia as Chip Lam Seng.

Hevea GE factory established in Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia as PT. Golden Energi.

Hevea KB I factory established in Chemor, Perak, Malaysia as Chip Lam Seng.

Wurfbain acquired Nordmaan Rassmann Kautschuk (Germany)

2000 Wurfbain acquired Fenley Trading (USA)

PT. Perseroan Dagang Sunan Rubber changes its name to PT. Sunan Rubber.

PT. Perseroan Dagang Hok Tong changes its name to PT. Hok Tong.

PT. Remco converts status from National Private Company to Foreign Investment Company (PMA).

Wurfbain acquired Pacol-Harborn providing access to the Far East markets

PT Sumber Djantin Sambas established in Sambas, Kalimantan in Indonesia

RCMA acquired Wurfbain, one of the oldest trading company established in 1897.

PT. Hevea MK factories convert operations from remilling to producing Standard Indonesian Rubber.

PT. Remco establishes additional factory in Jambi, Indonesia.

PT. Remco converts operations from remilling to producing Standard Indonesian Rubber.

Indonesia’s BKPM approves NV. Handel Maatschappij Hok Tong changing its name to PT. Perseroan Dagang Hok Tong.

Completion of relocation of PT. Rubber Hock Lie Pulau Brayan factory to its current location in Sunggal, Medan.

PT. Hevea MK II established in Palembang, South Sumatra.

Corrie, MacColl & Son celebrated its 200th anniversary in 1980

PT. Remco factories are expanded and modernised.

NV. Handel Maatschappij En Rubberfabriek Hock Lie adopts Indonesian constitution and changes name to PT. Rubber Hock Lie.

PT. Hok Tong establishes additional factory in Jambi, Indonesia.

PT Pulau Bintan Djaya factory established in Bintan, Indonesia, processed and sold rubber to traders in Singapore

PT. Sunan Rubber converts operations from remilling to producing Standard Indonesian Rubber.

PT Sumber Djantin convert re-milling factory into a crumb rubber processing factory in Pontianak, Kalimantan in Indonesia


PT. Hevea MK founded as PT. Muara Kelingi and commenced operations in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Alan L Grant established as a natural rubber trading company in New York, USA

PT. Remco established as NV. Hadji Djamaloedin and Hadji Shamsoedin Rubber Remilling Company, based in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

PT. Rubber Hock Lie establishes an additional factory in Rantau Prapat, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

PT. Sunan Rubber established as NV. Sunan Handel Maatschappij based in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Corrie, MacColl & Son Limited became a subsidiary of the Dutch estate company N.V. Deli-Maatschappij

PT. Hok Tong Kalimantan factory established.

PT. Hok Tong established as NV. Handel Maatschappij Hok Tong, based in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

PT Sumber Djantin established as a re-milling factory in Pontianak, Kalimantan in Indonesia

PT. Rubber Hock Lie established as NV. Handel Maatschappij En Rubberfabriek Hock Lie, based in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Featured News

Halcyon is dedicated to protecting your investment, whilst allowing
you the freedom to downsize your way.

Purchase a new or existing home at one of our unique locations with no stamp duty and simple, easy contracts.

Halcyon takes care of the land. That means no strata fees, no land tax, no rates.

Take it on or take it easy, experience life at your pace with our award-winning facilities and master planned community.

Watch your investment grow knowing you keep all the capital gains, with no exit or deferred management fees when you sell.

Life changes, and at Halcyon you can sell your home on your terms with any real estate agent when you want and how you want.

Watch the video: Hufeisen oder Donut Wing - Welches ist das richtige Wing? - Halcyon, Dirzone, OMS. DiveSupport (July 2022).


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