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Joseph F. Bellows SP-323 - History

Joseph F. Bellows SP-323 - History

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Joseph F. Bellows SP-323

Joseph F. Bellows

A former name retained.

(SP-323: t. 315; 1. 162'; b. 24'; dr. 14'; s. 13 k.; a. 1 6-pdr.)

Joseph F. Bellows (SP-323), a fishing steamer built in 1912 by E. J. Tull, Pocomoke City, Md., was acquired by the Navy from Bellows and Squires, Inc., Ocran, Va., in May 1917. She commissioned 18 May 1917, Ens. T. C. Christopher, USNRF, in command.

Assigned to the 5th Naval District at Norfolk, Joseph F. Bellows operated as a mine sweeper off Cape Henry and in the convoy channel to Hampton Roads. After the armistice she acted as a lightship tender and a supply ship until being sold 2 July 1919 to NcNeal Dodson Co., Inc., Reedville, Va.

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