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The most famous mummy of all time

Tutankhamen, also known as the "Pharaoh Boy," was born in 1346 BC and died in 1327 BC at the age of 19. He was Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt between 1336 and 1327 BC. He was the son of Pharaoh Akhenaton.

There are still many doubts about Tutankamon's life. It was the last pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. During his short tenure, he brought the capital of Egypt to Memphis and resumed polytheism, which had been abandoned by his father Akhenaten.

Regarding the cause of Pharaoh's death, some claim that Tutankamom died a murder with a heavy blow to the head, but in January 2005 the mummy was removed from its sarcophagus in the tomb of the Valley of the Kings, and was examined. which used computed tomography (CT). This examination, which lasted fifteen minutes, generated 1700 images.

The new tests ruled out murder by murder. The king was a healthy young man, and perhaps died of complications associated with a fractured right leg during a hunting session. The bone found in the skull is thought to have been caused by an error during the embalming process of the body.

In May 2005, Egyptians, French, and Americans reconstituted their face from computed tomography images. King Tut - as he was nicknamed - was toothy, with the back of his skull strangely elongated and his chin retracted.

The importance attributed to this pharaoh is related to the fact that his tomb, situated in a pyramid in the Valley of the Kings, was found intact. In it, the English archaeologist Howard Carter found in 1922 a great deal of treasure. Tutankamon's mummified body was also in the tomb, inside a sarcophagus, covered with a golden death mask. The casket where the pharaoh's mummy was is also made of solid gold.

In Tutankhamen's tomb were found more than five thousand pieces. Among the objects were jewelry, personal effects, ornaments, vases, sculptures, weapons, etc.

Golden Throne: One of 5000 Pieces Found in Pharaoh Tutankhamen's Tomb

Wooden bust found in the tomb
During the excavation of Tutankhamen's tomb, some team workers died unexpectedly. Then the legend of the Pharaoh's Curse was created. On the wall of the pyramid was an inscription that said that he who would disturb Pharaoh's eternal sleep would die. However, it turned out that some people had died after breathing deadly fungi that were concentrated inside the pyramid.

Tutankhamun Funerary Chapel

Tutankhamen's Mummy