Population of Africa

Population of Africa

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Africa's population is over 800 million, distributed in 54 countries and representing about one seventh of the world's population.

In the northern part of the continent, including the Sahara, predominate Caucasian people, mainly Berbers and Arabs.

They make up approximately a quarter of the continent's population. In the south of the Sahara, Black people predominate, about 70% of the African population. In southern Africa there is a concentration of people khoisan, san (bushmen) and khoikhoi (Hottentots).

The pygmies they are concentrated in the Congo River basin and Tanzania. Mainly grouped in southern Africa, live 5 million whites of European origin.

In Africa, more than a thousand different languages ​​are spoken. In addition to Arabic, the most widely spoken are Swahili it's the hauçá. The main families or idiomatic groups are the Congo-Cordofanese, the Nile-Saharan, the Camito-Semitic or Afro-Asiatic and the languages. khoisan.

Christianity, the most widespread religion, and Islam are the major religions. About 15% of African peoples practice animist or local religions. Much of African cultural activity focuses on family and ethnic group. With the intensification of nationalism, African traditional culture has recently had a major resurgence. Below are some indices for the continent's population, along with the year to which they refer.

Total area: 30.272.922 km2
Population: 783.700.000 (2000)
Density: 25.88 inhab / km2 (2000)
Urban population: 289.964.000 (37%)
Rural population: 493.731.000 (63%)
Urban growth rate (1995-2000): 4,3%
Illiteracy: 40,3% (2000)
Birth: (% hab): 37% (1998)
Mortality: (% hab): 13% (1998)
Total GDP: US $ 517,104,000.00 (1998)
GDP per capita: US $ 693.00 (1998)
Population age average: 18.3 years (1998)

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