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Circe-AKA-25 - History

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The sorceress in Homer's Odyssey

Marietta (q.v.) carried the name Circle from 16 June to 10 August 1869.

(AKA-25: dp. 4,087; 1. 426'; b. 58', dr. 16'; s. 17 k.
cpl. 303; a. 1 5"; cl. Artemis)

The second Circle (AKA-25) was launched 4 August 1944 by Walsh Kaiser Co., Providence, R.I., under a Maritime Commission contract; sponsored by Mrs. R. E. Dougherty; acquired by the Navy 10 November 1944;and commissioned the same day, Lieutenant Commander V. J. Barnhart, USNR, in command.

Circle reached Pearl Harbor from the east coast 3 January 1945. Twenty days later she put to sea with Marine reinforcements and explosives for Guadalcanal, and through February, ferried troops in the Guadalcanal area. After practice landings in Savo Sound, she reported at Ulithi 21 March to stage for the assault of Okinawa.

Between 1 April 1945 and 6 April, Circle was part of the vast armada off Okinawa, closing the coast in daylight to offload men and equipment, and retiring seaward at night. She called at Saipan and Pearl Harbor on her passage to San Francisco, where from 19 to 27 May she loaded cargo for a voyage to Pearl Harbor. Sailing again from San Francisco 24 June, she carried pilots and ground crews to Eniwetok, Kwajalein, Saipan, and Tinian, returning with men thus relieved to Pearl Harbor 13 August.

Clearing Pearl Harbor 25 September 1945, Circle supported the occupation on cargo duty which took her to ports in Japan and Korea, returning with homeward bound servicemen to San Francisco 20 December 1945. Here she was decommissioned 20 May 1946, and transferred to the War Shipping Administration for disposal 26 June 1946.

Circle received one battle star for World War II service.

Famous Alpha Kappa Alpha Members

The members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated come from diverse backgrounds and are known for a variety of stellar contributions. For example, Dr. Maya Angelou is a world-famous poet, author, actress, activist and filmmaker. Alicia Keys is a Grammy award winning singer, songwriter, and musician. Coretta Scott King was the wife of Dr. Martin Luther King, the most prominent 20th Century civil rights activist. Rosa Parks is generally considered the mother of the civil rights movement.

In 2016, the movie Hidden Figures is a biographical story of three legendary African American women who made a critical impact in science history. All three women, Katherine Goble Johnson , Dorothy Johnson Vaughan and Mary Winston Jackson are members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated.

Please see below a list of other notable Alpha Kappa Alpha sisters here is a more extensive list of our distinguished sisterhood.

Alpha Kappa Sorority Incorporated - Founders

  • Yolanda Adams - H (2018 Boule)
  • Maya Angelou - H (1983 Boule)
  • Vanessa Bell Calloway - Ohio University, Delta Phi
  • Loretta Devine - University of Houston, Epsilon Gamma
  • Ava DuVernay - H (2014 Boule)
  • Star Jones - American University, Lambda Zeta
  • Catherine Hughes - H
  • Alicia Keys - H (2004 Boule)
  • Coretta Scott King - H
  • Bernice King - Atlanta, Georgia, Kappa Omega
  • Toni Morrison - Howard University, Alpha
  • Nichelle Nicholas - H
  • Brandy Norwood - H (2014, 66th Boule)
  • Holly Robinson Peete - H (2012, 65th Boule)
  • Phylicia Rashad - Howard University, Alpha
  • Roxie Roker - Howard University, Alpha
  • Jada Pinkett Smith - H
  • Wanda Sykes - Hampton University, Gamma Theta
  • Lynn Whitfield - H
  • Etta Moten Barnett - University of Kansas, Delta
  • Ella Fitzgerald - H
  • Rosa Parks - H
  • Mae Jemison - H
  • Cassandra Wilson - Jackson, Mississippi, Beta Delta Omega
  • Patricia Pratt - Howard University, Alpha
  • Althea Gibson - Florida A&M University, Beta Alpha

These and other Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated women have built national programs on the foundation of family and community. The Launching New Dimensions of Service Program is their most important community effort. For more information on signature programs, please go here (make this a link). Through these programs Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated assists with the most crucial needs of the black community.

Of most recent noteSkee Wee and Pinkie Up..are trade marked

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Homer's Odyssey

In Homer's Odyssey, Circe is described as living in a mansion that stands in the middle of a clearing in a dense wood. Around the house prowled strangely docile lions and wolves, the drugged victims of her magic [ 5 ] they were not dangerous, and fawned on all newcomers. Circe worked at a huge loom. [ 6 ] She invited Odysseus' crew to a feast of familiar food, a pottage of cheese and meal, sweetened with honey and laced with wine, but also laced with one of her magical potions, and she turned them all into swine with a wand after they gorged themselves on it. Only Eurylochus, suspecting treachery from the outset, escaped to warn Odysseus and the others who had stayed behind at the ships. Odysseus set out to rescue his men, but was intercepted by his great grandfather, Hermes, [ 7 ] who had been sent by Athena. Hermes told Odysseus to use the holy herb moly to protect himself from Circe's potion and, having resisted it, to draw his sword and act as if he were to attack Circe. From there, Circe would ask him to bed, but Hermes advised caution, for even there the goddess would be treacherous. She would take his manhood unless he had her swear by the names of the gods that she would not.

Odysseus followed Hermes's advice, freeing his men. Odysseus and his men remained on the island for one year feasting and drinking wine. According to Homer, Circe suggested to Odysseus two alternative routes to return to Ithaca: toward the "Wandering Rocks" where King Aeolus reigned or passing between the dangerous Scylla and the whirlpool Charybdis, conventionally identified with the Strait of Messina. She also advised Odysseus to go to the Underworld and gave him directions. [ 8 ]

This adventure, like the story of the Cyclops, is a fairy tale of wide dispersion. In 1869 G.K.C. Gerland [ 9 ] showed that the story makes part of the collection of Somadeva, Kathāsaritsāgara, a store of Indian tales, of which 1200 AD is the approximate date. Circe appears as a Yackshini, and is conquered when an adventurer seizes her flute whose magic music turns men into beasts. The Indian Circe had the habit of eating the animals into which she transformed men. [ 10 ]

Hesiod's Theogony

Towards the end of Hesiod's Theogony (1011f) we find that Circe bore of Odysseus three sons: Ardeas or Agrius (otherwise unknown), Latinus, and Telegonus who ruled over the Tyrsenoi, that is the Etruscans.

Other literature

Later poets generally only speak of Telegonus as Odysseus' son by Circe. When grown to manhood, later poets reported, she sent him to find Odysseus, who had long since returned to his home on Ithaca, but on arrival Telegonus accidentally killed his father. He brought the body back to Aeaea and took Odysseus' widow Penelope and son Telemachus with him. Circe made them immortal and married Telemachus, while Telegonus made Penelope his wife.

According to Lycophron's Alexandra (808) and John Tzetzes' scholia on the poem (795 - 808), Circe used magical herbs to bring Odysseus back to life after he had been killed by Telegonus. Odysseus then married Telemachus to Circe's daughter Cassiphone. Some time later, Telemachus had a quarrel with his mother-in-law and killed her Cassiphone then killed Telemachus to avenge her mother's death. On hearing of this, Odysseus died of grief.

Dionysius of Halicarnassus (1.72.5) cites Xenagoras the historian as claiming that Odysseus and Circe had three sons: Romus, Anteias, and Ardeias who respectively founded three cities called by their names: Rome, Antium, and Ardea.

In later tales Circe turned Picus into a woodpecker for refusing her love, and Scylla into a monstrous creature with six dogs' heads when Glaucus (another object of Circe's affection) declared his undying love for her. She had one daughter: Aega, who was born from the ocean in a shield of ice.

Circe is referred to in Dante's Divine Comedy: "Virtue is like an enemy avoided by all, as is a serpent, through misfortune of place, or through bad habit that impels them, on which account they have so transformed their nature, the dwellers in the miserable valley, that it seems that Circe had them in her pasture." [ 11 ]

Shakespeare makes a reference to Circe in The Comedy of Errors. When the Duke is listening to seemingly contradictory tales that arose due to confusion between identical twins, he says:

"Why what an intricate impeach is this!
I think you all have drunk of Circe's cup.
If here you housed him, here he would have been" [ 12 ]

Calderon de la Barca composed a mythological spectacle play based on Ulysses entrapment in Circe's island. Love, the Greatest Enchantment was performed at Philip IV of Spain's palace of the Buen Retiro in 1635.

Susanna Roxman has a poem called "Circe" in her poetry collection Imagining Seals (Dionysia Press, Edinburgh 2006-7).

In Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises, Lady Brett Ashley is compared to Circe by one of the men she seduces. "He calls her Circe," Mike said. "He claims she turns men into swine."

She also appeared in the Percy Jackson Series in the book 'The Sea of Monsters'. Circe tricked Percy into becoming a guinea pig, but Annabeth saved him when she found out that he was transformed. She was defeated by Annabeth and Percy.

یواس‌اس کیرکه (ای‌کی‌ای-۲۵)

یواس‌اس کیرکه (ای‌کی‌ای-۲۵) (به انگلیسی: USS Circe (AKA-25) ) یک کشتی بود که طول آن ۴۲۶ فوت (۱۳۰ متر) بود. این کشتی در سال ۱۹۴۴ ساخته شد.

یواس‌اس کیرکه (ای‌کی‌ای-۲۵)
آغاز کار: ۴ اوت ۱۹۴۴
اعزام: ۱۰ نوامبر ۱۹۴۴
مشخصات اصلی
وزن: ۴٬۰۸۷ long ton (۴٬۱۵۳ تن)
درازا: ۴۲۶ فوت (۱۳۰ متر)
پهنا: ۵۸ فوت (۱۸ متر)
آبخور: ۱۶ فوت (۴٫۹ متر)
سرعت: ۱۶٫۹ گره (۳۱٫۳ کیلومتر بر ساعت؛ ۱۹٫۴ مایل بر ساعت)

این یک مقالهٔ خرد کشتی یا قایق است. می‌توانید با گسترش آن به ویکی‌پدیا کمک کنید.

Last days of Kodak town: the decline and fall of the city photography built

R ochester is a place built by photography. Since 1888, this small city in upstate New York has been home to Eastman Kodak: a corporation that, at its peak, produced 90% of the film used in the US and provided jobs for more than 60,000 local people. Now, like many other company towns across the US, it has fallen on hard times. After years struggling to keep pace with the digital revolution, shedding workers and selling off its assets, Kodak was forced to file for bankruptcy protection in January 2012.

The announcement caused dismay throughout the photographic world. In April 2012, the renowned Magnum agency dispatched 11 of its members – including Alec Soth, Susan Meiselas, Martin Parr and Bruce Gilden – to Rochester for two weeks. Together, they would document life in the town at this challenging time. But, as their new book Memory City proves, for Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb one trip was not enough.

In the 12 months following their first visit, the husband-and wife team returned to Rochester four more times. Each stay lasted two or three weeks, during which they steadily worked their way into the fabric of the 210,000-strong community. "I'm a street photographer at heart, so I approached Rochester the same way I often approach somewhere I'm shooting," says Webb. "Walking, meandering, allowing my camera and experiences to guide me." Norris Webb, on the other hand, took the time to forge close friendships with residents.

Webb's boldly coloured glimpses of residential neighbourhoods, markets and community gatherings show a city that has not lost its pride. But for every manicured lawn and fluttering Stars and Stripes, there are many bleaker counterpoints – a broken couch on a neglected street, a figure slumped on a public bench, exhausted workers queueing for the night bus home. "We wanted to achieve a sense of layers," Webb says. "We wanted a structure that mirrored our sense of this down-and-out yet very soulful place."

The most poetic and striking example of this can be found in a series of grainy monochrome images that appear at irregular intervals through the book. Norris Webb opted to shoot on still readily available Kodak Portra negative film, but Webb chose to work with a mix of digital cameras and expired Kodachrome. This 35mm slide film, loved by many for its rich, intensely saturated colours, was discontinued in 2009 and had not been developed commercially since 2010.

"We decided to ask around to see if some obscure technician still processed Kodachrome," says Webb. "No one did it as colour, but we did discover that Ed Praus, a photographer who runs a lab in Rochester, could develop it as black-and-white. At Rebecca's urging, I tried out a few rolls. To our surprise, it came out as negative and looked distressed, almost weathered."

14621 Neighborhood, Amanda and Her Flower Dress: Rochester, New York. Photograph: Rebecca Norris Webb/Magnum

While her husband's work evokes Rochester's past via scenes of the present day, Norris Webb took the town's history as a starting point from which to explore what may lie ahead. "Rochester was home to Susan B Anthony, probably the most noted suffragette in US history," she says. "So women were very much on my mind. My first portrait was of Amanda Webster, our assistant. Her family epitomised the changes that Rochester has gone through. Both her grandfather and father worked for Kodak. Now she's studying photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology, which was funded in part by Kodak's founder, George Eastman. Through her, I met and photographed a variety of young women whose portraits suggest, to me, something about the city's uncertain future."

Shot through closed windows and gauzy curtains, these photographs capture a sense of melancholy and introspection. But Memory City's most elegiac frame comes from the streets of downtown Rochester. In 1914, work was completed on an ornate 19-storey tower, commissioned by Eastman to house his then thriving company. For generations, it dominated the city's skyline, symbolising wealth, innovation and possibility. In an image made by Webb almost 100 years later, it stands forlornly in the distance as a lone man strides away from it, past the rubble of a crumbling building – a poignant and all-too-perfect Kodak moment.

Memory City by Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb will be published by Thames & Hudson on 30 June

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You should get your results in about a day. A normal ALT test result can range from 7 to 55 units per liter (U/L). Levels are normally higher in men.


Slightly high ALT levels may be caused by:

Moderately high ALT levels may be because of:

  • Chronic (ongoing) liver disease
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Cirrhosis
  • Blockage of the bile ducts or heart failure (when your heart can’t pump enough blood to your body) damage
  • Muscle injury
  • Damage to red blood cells
  • Too much vitamin A

Very high ALT levels can be caused by:

Movies and TV Shows

Glover has appeared in a variety of films, such as Magic Mike XXL (2015), The Martian (2015) and Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017). But before he jumped onto the big screen, he was first a television writer, handpicked by Tina Fey. In 2006, Fey hired Glover to join the writing staff on her NBC series 30 Rockਊt the age of 23.

“He was literally still living in the NYU dorms,” Fey said. 𠇊nd that was a great resource for us. We would turn to him and ask, ‘What would a young person say here?’” 


Glover left 30 Rock after three seasons and decided to experience work as a TV actor, playing the role of ex-high school jock Troy Barnes in NBC&aposs 𠇌ommunity.” After more than four seasons with Community, Glover decided to get the best of both worlds by developing and starring in Atlanta for FX. 


Beginning in 2016, Glover became known to fans as the star of Atlanta, about an Ivy League dropout who manages the up-and-coming rap career of a cousin. A hit with fans, Atlanta was nominated for six Emmy Awards following its first season. Glover was nominated for four of them and won two – Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series – the first African American to ever win an Emmy for comedy directing.

Atlanta also won two Golden Globe awards and a Peabody award. The show was so well-received that FX signed Glover to a development and production deal in January 2017. Along with launching the second and then the third seasons of Atlanta, Glover also worked on an animated Deadpool series (featuring the Marvel Comics superhero named Deadpool) for the FX sister network, FXX.

In March 2018, it was announced that Glover and his younger brother and collaborator, Stephen, were leaving Deadpool over "creative differences." Addressing the rumors that he had too much on his plate, Glover tweeted, "For the record: I wasn&apost too busy to work on Deadpool." He also shared a spoof script in which the superhero reflects on the reasons the project may have fallen through, at one point asking, "Do you think they canceled the show because of racism?!"

“Underestimate Donald Glover at your own peril,” says FX President John Landgraf. “He’s remarkably multi-faceted. I look at Donald first and foremost as a creator, but also as an entrepreneur – someone who is almost boundaryless who can do almost anything [he sets his] mind to.”

&aposSolo: A Star Wars Story&apos and &aposThe Lion King&apos

In 2018 Glover enjoyed a prominent role in Solo: A Star Wars Story. The film traces the early life of intergalactic pilot and warrior Han Solo, the character first made famous by Harrison Ford. In the new Solo movie, Glover plays the young Lando Calrissian, who was played originally by Billy Dee Williams in The Empire Strikes Back in 1980.

In 2019 Glover co-starred in the Amazon short film Guava Island, alongside Rihanna. That summer he headlined a CGI-animated remake of The Lion King as the voice of Simba. His castmates included Beyoncé as Simba&aposs love interest, Nala, and Seth Rogen as the dim but endearing warthog, Pumbaa.

Marie-Antoinette pocket watch

Long a purveyor to the French court, Breguet thus had a free hand. Alas, the Queen never got to admire her present, watch number 160, known as the “Marie-Antoinette” in her honor. It was only finished in 1827, 34 years after her death, 4 years after Breguet’s and 44 years after he’d accepted the order.

For two centuries now, both this timepiece’s extreme intricacy and its fabulous destiny have fascinated watchmakers and haunted the imagination of collectors. Stolen in 1983 from a museum in Jerusalem and finally recovered in December 2007, this undisputed masterpiece of horology experienced a fate so mysterious and bizarre that it became something of an obsession. In 2004, Nicolas G. Hayek challenged Breguet’s watchmakers to build an exact replica of this breathtaking pocket watch.

Recreating so many complications solely with the help of ancient documents proved a real challenge for the firm’s technicians and watchmakers. The original technical drawings in the Breguet Museum archives and the material available in such rich sources of cultural information as the Musée des Arts et Métiers, both in Paris, provided the only available informa­tion and guidance regarding the watch’s every function and styling detail. Comparing the projected watch with contem­porary timepieces, in particularly the Duc de Praslin’s watch, revealed novel aspects of the design and workshop techniques of the period. The research uncovered skills which had partly disappeared, enabling Breguet to produce a timepiece faithful in every way to its fabled ancestor.

A work of art in its own right, the new Marie-Antoinette perpétuelle, or self-winding, watch features a minute repeater that on command strikes hours, quarters and minutes as well as a full perpetual calendar showing the date, the day and the month at two, six and eight o’clock respectively. At ten o’clock, an equation-of-time display expresses the difference between civil and solar time. At centre, jumping hours and a minute hand accompany a large independent seconds hand, the forerunner to the chronograph hand, while a subdial for the running seconds is situated at six o’clock. A 48-hour power-reserve indicator and a bimetallic thermometer are positioned side by side.

The watch’s self-winding movement ( called perpétuelle in Breguet’s day ) comprises 823 parts and components, all finished with exceptional care. Plates, bridges and bars, every moving part of the motion-work, calendar and repeater mecha­nisms are made of wood-polished pink gold. Screws are of blued and polished steel. All friction points, sinks and bearings are fitted with sapphires. The watch’s sophisticated design extends to its special escapement with natural lift, a cylindrical balance spring in gold and a bimetallic balance. A double pare-chute shock-protection device protects the balance-wheel staff and the oscillating weight arbors against blows and jarring.

In April 2008, after four long years of research and reconstruction, the new Marie-Antoinette timepiece was proud­ly placed in its impressive presentation case, carved from the wood of the very Versailles oak tree under which the Queen once used to rest.

Following a long dry spell and a violent storm, the Domaine de Versailles had to have the once-mighty oak cut down, pre­senting its wood to Nicolas G. Hayek as a birthday gift.

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid ⏄]
Intelligence 3
Strength 4
Speed 3
Durability 3
Energy Projection 1
Fighting Skills 6


Chemical/Magical Enhancement: After Kraven ingested Calypso's mythical potions, his physiology underwent several changes endowing him with superhuman physical attributes. The powers he gained put him 'on the top of the food chain' as they are even greater than those of Captain America, who is himself considered a pinnacle of human evolution. Kraven is better, stronger, faster and more cunning than any human, coupled with his skills, Kraven truly is a dangerous and deadly adversary.

  • Superhuman Strength: Kraven was superhumanly strong and was capable of lifting approximately 2 tons. However, due to his fighting experience, his strength is just enough to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Spider-Man.
  • Superhuman Speed: Kraven was capable of running and moving at speeds greater than even the finest human athlete. At his peak, Kraven could spring short distances at speeds up to 60 miles per hour.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Kraven's musculature produced less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. He could exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue began to impair him.
  • Superhuman Durability: Though far from invulnerable, Kraven's body was somewhat tougher and more resistant to injury than the body of an ordinary human. He could withstand great impacts and blunt force trauma, such as being punched and kicked by Spider-Man, without injury.
  • Superhuman Agility: Kraven's agility, balance, and bodily coordination were enhanced to levels that were beyond the human body's natural limits. His agility and speed are enough to keep up and even catch up to Spider-Man.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Kraven's reflexes and reaction time were enhanced to levels that were beyond the human body's natural limits.
  • Extended Longevity: Kraven's jungle potions drastically altered his natural aging process, causing him to age much slower than an ordinary human. Despite being in his 70's at the time of his death, Kraven had the physical appearance and vitality of 30 year old man.
  • Enhanced Senses: Even before ingesting the serum, Kraven had peak human senses but the ingestion seems to have enhanced them even further. He can see clearly over vast distances, but is still affected by darkness. His sense of hearing is also greatly improved and has very sensitive hearing. His smell is his strongest and most trained sense. Kraven is able to track prey by smell alone and can remember different scents and their owners, much like a dog.

Immortality: Due to his resurrection being imbalanced, Kraven is in a state of immortality. Only Spider-Man is able to kill him, and if anyone attempts to, he will survive it. However, there is a loophole to this curse, as Kraven is able to die by donning the Spider-Man costume and embracing his ideals while allowing his son to kill him.


Experienced Combatant: Kraven is a master of many armed and unarmed forms of combat and his skill is great enough to beat Spider-Man in one-on-one combat. He is also a expert knife fighter. His fighting style is very savage in nature and Kraven has developed a unique fighting style by fighting wild and vicious animals with his bare hands. His fighting skills are often enough to defeat Spider-Man in combat, a being with far greater strength than Kraven.

Weapon Specialist: He masters the usage of most melee weapons such as swords, knives, axes, staves and spears. However, due to his hunting experience, he is also skilled with ranged weaponry and has a remarkable skill with rifles and blow darts.

Expert Marksman: Kraven used all sorts of ranged weaponry during his life and as a result he possesses great accuracy and skill with guns and throwing weapons and also blow darts. He rarely misses his target.

Master Tactician and Strategist: Kraven has a brilliant tactical mind and often deploys elaborate traps to surprise his foes. He makes excellent use of his taming skills by incorporating deadly predators into his schemes. Kraven's observatory skills are top-notch and he can patiently wait for hours just to find the perfect moment to strike. His plots allowed him to outsmart and kidnap the likes of Spider-Man and even Venom. He recently used his tactical skills to haunt the new Scarlet Spider (Kaine) while disguised as Ben Reilly.

Master Hunter and Tracker: Kraven was and still is one of Earth's best hunters. He possesses astonishing tracking abilities and is even able to track Spider-Man across rooftops. Furthermore he can pick up his prey's trail from meager details in the area. He also has vast hunting experience, knowing many special hunting methods and animal specific habits. He also developed techniques to track and hunt superpowered individuals like Spider-Man without their notice.

Medical Knowledge: He is very familiar with medicine and with exotic poisons, drugs, plants, tranquilizers and their effect on both animal and human anatomy. He has amassed a great knowledge about animal biology and has moderate knowledge about human anatomy as well.

Master Animal Tamer: Kraven can subdue and train almost any animal. Animals he has trained show fearless loyalty to Kraven and follow his orders almost perfectly. He is able to train two animals and then command them in unison and with flawless synchronization. Due to this skill, most people think he uses some sort of mind control.

Minor Occult Knowledge: During Kraven's travels throughout the world, he came into contact with numerous tribes and civilizations. Thus he witnessed many of their rituals and has minor skills in their performance. He was able to recreate the Calypso serum for himself and his family.

Watch the video: HISTORY (August 2022).