Hydrography of Northern Brazil

Hydrography of Northern Brazil

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In Northern Brazil, there are two major basins, the Amazon Basin and the Tocantins Basin.

The Amazon Basin, the largest in the world, is formed by the Amazon River and its more than 1,000 tributaries. With 3,869,953 km in length, in Brazilian territory, has 22,000 km of navigable rivers.

Amazon Basin

The Tocantins Basin, the largest all-Brazilian river basin, is formed by the Tocantins River and its tributaries. The Tocantins River rises in the state of Goiás, crosses the states of Tocantins, Maranhão and Pará, until it flows into the Amazonian Gulf, near the city of Belém. At the time of floods, it presents most of its navigable rivers.

The Tucuruí hydroelectric dam, located in the state of Pará, is the largest wholly Brazilian hydroelectric dam.

Tocantins Basin


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