Acid rain

Acid rain

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Acid rain is generated by the production of gases released into the atmosphere. There are natural agents that do this, such as volcanoes. Human activity, however, is the main cause of the phenomenon.

Industries, thermoelectric plants and transportation vehicles (which use fossil fuels) produce by-products that add to the oxygen in the atmosphere and, when dissolved in rain, fall to the ground as acid rain.

Scheme illustrating acid rain

We must remember, however, that wind-borne pollutants can travel thousands of miles, generating acid rain far away from polluting sources. Acid rain, upon reaching the soil, impoverishes natural vegetation and plantations. It also affects the fauna and flora of rivers and lagoons, harming fishing.

Water contamination

Some measures can reduce acid rain formation: energy saving, use of public transport, creation and use of less polluting energy sources, use of low sulfur fuels, among others.


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