Cultural Aspects of the Southeast Region (continued)

Cultural Aspects of the Southeast Region (continued)

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The cuisine of the Southeast Region is quite rich. Both sweet and savory food crops are quite varied and appreciated throughout the country.

Rio de Janeiro's main dish is feijoada. The dish is a national symbol, but it is widely consumed in the state, which leads it to have its own way of developing it. The Carioca recipe includes salted meats (such as sun-dried meat), bay leaves, various pieces of pork, onions and an orange (to help make the feijoada less salty).

Feijoada, Rio de Janeiro

São Paulo, being a large industrial hub and housing several cultures, has a varied taste in regional cuisine. Because it is a typical "big city", it has many fast food chains, which are widely used by the inhabitants.

Typical in São Paulo cuisine are three main dishes: Hen d'Angola à Paulista, pies from Cananeia and couscous from São Paulo, the latter being the one with the highest national visibility. The strong point of the gastronomic part in São Paulo is the result of the Italian influence: pizza and pasta are a very common taste in the state.

Couscous Paulista

The Holy Spirit stands out with the moqueca, pointed as the symbol dish of capixaba cuisine. It can be made with crab, fish, shrimp and other seafood. The dish is a heritage of indigenous cuisine and is very successful among the inhabitants of the state.

Moqueca do Espírito Santo

However, in the Southeast Region, the state with the highest culinary tradition is Minas Gerais. The cuisine of Minas Gerais is nationally famous, having several typical foods that have fallen in popular taste. Minas cheese bread, for example, is appreciated all over Brazil. In addition, bean tutu, tropeiro beans (another nationally expressive dish), chicken in brown sauce, pururuca milk, okra chicken and many others. In addition to the dishes, Minas Gerais cheese is very popular in Brazil, serving as a reference when it comes to this dairy derivative.

Cheese Bread Mineiro


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