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Laifi is a tool that enables the creation of content in a very didactic way. Check out some ready Laifis about history.

(part 1)

Brazilian Historical Heritage (25 posts)
Commemorative Dates in Brazil (53 posts)
Unusual Churches Around the World (27 posts)
Scary Places That Made History (63 posts)
World War II Movies (81 posts)
War Movies (90 posts)
Types of wars (46 posts)
Farroupilha Revolution (19 posts)
Great Civilizations (17 posts)
Egyptian Hieroglyphics (26 posts)
Curiosities and Myths about Egypt (14 posts)
Most deadly air strikes in history (11 posts)
Ancient Religious Monuments (11 posts)
Museums of the World (37 posts)
Caves (35 posts)
Lost Cities (11 posts)
Heraldry (24 posts)
Territorial disputes (21 posts)
Political Protests That Made History (23 posts)
Strange Wars in History (31 posts)
Worst Dictators in History - Where They Lived and How They Died (40 posts)
Western European Growth - 376-1016 (57 posts)
Medieval East - 301 to 1082 (37 posts)
Rise of Western Europe (20 posts)
Brazil's historical monuments (48 posts)
Historic Cities of Brazil (50 posts)
Slavery in Brazil (32 posts)
Events in the Absolutist Period - 1661 to 1719 (39 posts)
Arts Museums around Brazil (39 posts)
Vaccine Uprising (15 posts)

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