Greenhouse effect

Greenhouse effect

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We all know the importance of climate because it influences the functioning of the human organism, agricultural activity, navigation, commercial activities, and the distribution of the animal and plant life of the earth.

Their study is helping humanity to recover many areas that until today have been underutilized, with the help of weather stations, using specific devices such as thermometers, barometers, rain gauges and anemometers.
We know that the interaction between the nearest 20 km of atmosphere and the surface of the planet gives rise to climate. During the day, part of the solar energy is captured by the earth's surface and absorbed, another part is constantly radiated to the atmosphere (infrared radiation) causing a warming. O greenhouse effect it is the way the earth has to keep its temperature constant.

The greenhouse effect, atmospheric gases, especially carbon dioxide, act as a protective cover that prevents the total dispersion of this heat to outer space, preventing the earth from cooling at night. The emission of toxic gases is the largest factor of air pollution directly influencing climate change.

These gases are found in the combustion of petroleum and its derivatives and in large cities we find about 40% of the pollution due to the burning of gasoline and diesel fuel mainly in motor vehicles being responsible for the emission of monoxide and carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbon and lead derivatives and others.

Industries also contribute by emitting sulfur, lead and other heavy metals, as well as solid residues that are suspended in the atmosphere, oxygenation is becoming precarious bringing generic disturbances throughout the world population, as it alters the chemistry of nature causing serious diseases such as earthquake. nervous system, allergies, cancer, breathing disorders and more. The situation tends to worsen in winter, when the phenomenon known as thermal inversion occurs: a layer of cold air forms a bubble in the upper atmosphere, trapping the warmer air, preventing the dispersion of pollutants. Then, the Greenhouse Effect is formed (premature warming of the atmospheric layer, destroying the Ozone Layer, besides causing acid rain, altering the nutrients of the Earth, contaminating our waters, altering our vegetation, finally, the entire Planet).

In conclusion, air pollution has been shaking the Earth's Natural System. Without oxygen and the alteration of the ozone hole, it is difficult for man to live in more favorable weather conditions. Thus, Nature has been protesting in its own defense. Just look at the climate changes we currently have in the world. The seasons are no longer as they were before. The frosts beat their records, as well as the storms, hurricanes and large earthquakes that have been shaking everyone.


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