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Brazilian National Symbols

Brazilian National Symbols

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The National Symbols of Brazil were instituted by Law 5,700 of September 1, 1971.

This law, in addition to establishing what national symbols are, also determines how these symbols should be used, patterns and shapes, meanings, among others.

These symbols are of utmost importance to our nation, as they represent Brazil inside and outside the national territory. Therefore, they must be respected by all Brazilian citizens. The National Symbols are: the National Flag, the National Anthem, the National Weapons and the National Seal. On September 18, National Symbols Day is celebrated.

National flag

The National Flag was instituted on November 19, 1889, 4 days after the Proclamation of the Republic. It is the result of an adaptation to the traditional Brazilian Empire Flag, where the Portuguese Imperial shield inside the yellow rhombus has been replaced by a blue circle with white stars. The blue sphere of our flag represents our starry sky, in the center with the phrase "Order and Progress". There are 27 stars, representing the 26 states and the Federal District. The yellow diamond in the center represents the gold and the green rectangle represents our woods and forests.

On November 19 is celebrated the day of the flag.

National Weapons

The National Arms or National Coat of Arms represent the glory, honor and nobility of Brazil and were created on the same date as the National Flag. In the center is a circular shield over a green and yellow five-pointed star. The southern cruise is in the center, on a sword. A coffee branch is on the right and one smoking on the left. A banner on the hilt part of the sword bears the inscription "Federative Republic of Brazil". In another track below is "November 15" (right) and "1889" (left).
The use of weapons is mandatory in the buildings of the three powers (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary) of the federal, state and municipal governments, as well as in military and police barracks and in all official federal level papers (publications, invitations and others).

National seal

The National Seal is used to authenticate official documents and government acts. It is also used to authenticate diplomas and certificates issued by recognized educational units. It consists of a sphere with stars (similar to the Brazilian flag), bearing the inscription Federative Republic of Brazil.

National anthem

The National Anthem was composed by Joaquim Osório Duque Estrada (1870 - 1927) and the music is by Francisco Manuel da Silva (1795-1865). It became official on September 1, 1971, through Law No. 5700.

There are several rules that must be followed when performing the anthem, including respect for the National Flag and the President of the Republic. It is performed in conjunction with the raising of the National Flag in certain situations, including solemnities and official government events, sporting and cultural events, and in schools.

Brazilian National Anthem
They heard from Ipiranga the placid margins
From a heroic people the resounding cry,
And the sun of liberty, in blazing rays,
It shone in the sky of the Fatherland at that instant.
If the pledge of such equality
We managed to conquer with strong arm,
In your bosom, O Freedom,
It challenges our chest to death itself!
O beloved Fatherland,
Save! Save!
Brazil, an intense dream, a vivid ray,
From love and hope to the earth comes down,
If in your beautiful sky, laughing and clear,
The image of the cruise shines.
Giant by nature,
You are beautiful, you are strong, undaunted colossus,
And your future mirrors that greatness.
Worshiped land
Among other thousand
It's you, Brazil,
O beloved country!
Of the children of this soil
You are kind mother,
Beloved homeland,

Lying eternally in splendid cradle,
To the sound of the sea and the light of the deep sky,
Glitters, O Brazil, the finial of America,
Sunlit in the New World!
Than the bolder land
Your smileys, beautiful fields have more flowers,
"Our woods have more life,"
"Our life" in your bosom "more loves".
O beloved Fatherland,
Save! Save!
Brazil, of eternal love be symbol
The barbarian sporting starry,
And say the bay green of that streamer
- Peace in the future and glory in the past.
But if you lift up the strong club,
You will see that a son of yours does not escape the fight,
Nor fear, who worships you, death itself.
Worshiped land
Among other thousand
It's you, Brazil,
O beloved country!
Of the children of this soil
You are kind mother,
Beloved homeland,

Anthem Glossary:

  • Placid margins - "placid" means serene. Calm.
  • Ipiranga - It is the stream where D. Pedro I would have proclaimed independence.
  • Resounding cry - Strong scream that causes echo.
  • Pledge - Used metaphorically (figuratively). "pledge of this equality" is the guarantee, the assurance that there will be freedom.
  • Cruise image shines - The "Cruise" is the constellation of the Southern Cross that shines (shines) in the sky.
  • Undaunted Colossus - "Colossus" is the name of a huge statue. To be "undaunted" is to be calm, calm.
  • Kind mother - The "kind mother" is the motherland. A country that loves and defends its "children" (Brazilians) like any mother.
  • Glitters - bright (shiny, bright).
  • Finial - "Floron" is a flower-shaped ornament used in the vaults of grandiose buildings. Brazil would be the most important and flashy point in America.
  • Garrida - Ornate. Which draws attention for beauty.
  • Lábaro - synonym for flag. "Lábaro" was an ancient banner worn by the Romans.
  • Strong club - Club is a large club, used in close combat. In reverse, it means to mobilize an army, to go to war.


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