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Legend of the Sun

Legend of the Sun

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To the Indians, the sun was a person and was called Kuandu. Kuandú had three children: one is the sun that appears during the dry season; the younger one comes out in the rain and the middle child helps the other two when they are tired.

A long time ago a Juruna Indian would have eaten Kuandu's father, so he wanted to take revenge. Once Kuandú was angry and went to the bush to get coconut. There he found Juruna in an inajá palm tree.

Kuandú said he was going to die, but Juruna was faster hitting Kuandú with a curl on his head. Then everything got dark. The children began to starve because Juruna could not work in the fields or fish.

It was all dark. Kuandu's wife told her son to leave home and it was clear again. But only a little because it was too hot for him. The son could not stand it and returned home. It got dark again. And so remained the three sons of Kuandú. Getting in and out of the house. Therefore, when it is dry and strong sun is the oldest child who is away from home. When the sun is weaker it is the youngest child and the middle child only appears when the brothers get tired.


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