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The quiz is our quiz game. Here you can test your knowledge in an interactive and fun way!

How it works: Each question is worth 10 points. With each game, your goal is to try to get the 7 questions drawn by clicking on the alternatives you consider correct. Good luck!

1 - In Greek mythology, who is considered the King of Gods? a) Zeus b) Apollo c) Ares d) Dionysus e) Ades 2 - According to the theory of human evolution the first hominids belonged to the group of: a) Homo habilis b) Homo erectus c) Homo ergaster d) Homo sapiens e ) Australopithecus 3 - Alexander the Great was king in: a) Rome b) Macedonia c) Greece d) Carthage e) Byzantium 4 - What feudalism is a characteristic of which historical period? a) Middle Age b) Modern Age c) Contemporary Age d) Ancient Age e) Prehistory 5 - What name received the law that was signed by Princess Isabel and that prohibited slavery in Brazil? a) Eusébio de Queirós Law b) Golden Law c) Sexagenarian Law d) Free Belly Law e) Saraiva-Cotegipe Law 6 - Anita Garibaldi participated in: a) Muscat War b) Emboabas War c) Farroupilha Revolution d) Mineiro Inconfidência e) Canudos War 7 - What is the name of the first revolt that occurred in Brazil? a) Tailor revolt b) Emboabas war c) Beckman revolt d) Muscat war e) Filipe dos Santos revolt


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