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Souls Procession - Legends and Myths

Souls Procession - Legends and Myths

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This Legend tells of an old woman who lived alone in her house, and because she didn't have much to do or talk to, she spent most of the day looking at the street through her window, a very common thing inside.

Until one afternoon when it was almost dusk she saw a procession pass, all were dressed in white loose clothing (like ghosts) with candles in their hands and she could not identify anyone, so it was strange, because she knew there would be no procession that day, because she I always went to church, and yet when there was a procession it was common for the church to ring the bells at first, but none of that was done.

And the procession went on, until one of the people who were participating stopped at the old woman's window and handed her a candle, said the old woman to keep that candle and that the other day she would come back to get it. The old woman decided to sleep, and put out the candle and put it away. The other day, when she woke up, the old woman went to see if the candle was in the place where she kept it, but to her surprise where the candle should have been was a bone of an adult person and a child.


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