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National anthem

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The lyrics of the Brazilian national anthem were written by Joaquim Osório Duque Estrada (1870 - 1927) and the music is by Francisco Manuel da Silva (1795-1865). It became official on September 1, 1971, through Law No. 5700.

There are a number of rules that must be followed when performing the anthem. It must be saluted to the National Flag, the President of the Republic, the Supreme Federal Court and the National Congress. It is performed in certain situations, including: patriotic religious ceremonies, civic sessions and international sporting events.

Brazilian National Anthem
Poem by Joaquim Osório Duque Estrada
Music by Francisco Manoel da Silva

Part I
They heard from Ipiranga the placid margins
of a heroic people the resounding cry,
and the sun of liberty in blazing rays,
it shone in the sky of the country at that moment.
If the pledge of such equality
we managed to conquer with a strong arm,
in your bosom, O freedom,
defies our chest to death itself!
O beloved country, idolized, save! Save!
Brazil, an intense dream, a vivid lightning
of love and hope to the earth come down,
if in your beautiful sky, laughing and clear,
The image of the cruise shines.
Giant by nature,
you are beautiful, you are strong, undaunted colossus,
and your future mirrors that greatness.
Worshiped land, among a thousand others,
it is you, Brazil, beloved homeland!
Of the children of this soil you are a kind mother,
beloved homeland, Brazil!

Part II
Lying eternally in splendid cradle,
to the sound of the sea and the light of the deep sky,
fulguras, O Brazil, finial of America,
sunlit in the new world!
Than the earth, bolder,
your laughing beautiful fields have more flowers;
Our woods have more life,
Our life in your bosom more loves.
O beloved country, idolized, save! Save!
Brazil, of eternal love be symbol
the barbarian sporting starry,
and say the bay green of that streamer
- peace in the future and glory in the past.
But if you lift up the strong club,
you will see that a son of yours does not escape the fight,
neither fear, who worships you, death itself.
Worshiped land, among a thousand others,
it is you, Brazil, beloved homeland!
Of the children of this soil you are a kind mother,
beloved homeland, Brazil!

Vocabulary (Glossary)
Placid: calm, quiet
Ipiranga: River where on the banks D. Pedro I proclaimed the Independence of Brazil on September 7, 1822
Shout: Scream
Resounding: sound that spreads with noise
Bright: Shining, Shimmering
Pledge: Guarantee
Idolized: Cultured, Loved
Vivid: Intense
Beautiful: beautiful, beautiful
Clear: pure, unpolluted
Cruise: Southern Cross Constellation (stars)
Shines: shining, illuminated
Undaunted: Brave
Colossus: Large
Mirror: reflects
Kind: Generous, Welcoming
Glitters: Shines, dawns with importance
Finial: gold flower
Garrida: Florida, adorned with flowers
Idolized: Cultivated, loved above all
Lábaro: flag
Sports: Proud Shows
Pennant: Flag
Club: primitive weapon of war, club


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